Friday, January 07, 2005

A Scarey Look at British Youth

I came across a review of a new book in The Statesman, a British magazine. It's called Dis/connected: Why Our Kids Are Turning Their Backs on Everything We Thought We Knew, and it's written by Nick Barham.

Barham defends British youth, saying the press is hard on them. But his travels to raves, bars and other youth hangouts paints a frightening picture. Consider this passage, in which Barham lets his feelings show after watching some 20-somethings at a rave:

After sitting around with them for about 20 minutes watching their heads loll, the manic giggles and repetitive beats do for me and I head back to my car. . . . Someone else is taken away by a paramedic, slumped sideways. His mates laugh hysterically and wave goodbye.

A sad scene. These kids are risking death ... and their friends are laughing hysterically.

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