Saturday, January 22, 2005

Jail for Drug Rapist

Drug-facilitated rape continues to grow, leaving more victims all over the world. In my film, I tell the story of Sara, who died after a creep gave her four Ecstasy pills in order to rape here. From England:
Jail for 'evil' rapist who drugged youths

A man found guilty of raping a youth and supplying illegal drugs was jailed for 12 years on Monday. Gary Harris, 38, was told by a judge at Truro Crown Court on Monday he had created a "honeypot", encouraging youngsters to his home to take substantial quantities of drugs, watch pornography and indulge in amusements like video games and computers.

At the end of a 12-day trial last month Harris, known by youths in his home town of Gunnislake as the 'Greasy Gringo', was convicted by a jury of seven offences of supplying the class A drug Ecstasy and eight of supplying cannabis to youngsters who visited his home, Zion Cottages.

He was further convicted of raping one youth and of two charges alleging he permitted use of drugs in his ... cottage.

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