Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"Coma in a Bottle" Sweeps UK

The British publication The People did a shocking and wonderful expose on GHB-cousin GBL and the people who use it.

Shocking? How about being able to call up a company and a couple days later receive in the mail enough GBL to drug 4,000 women -- and it's perfectly legal!

Expose? The article gives the names of the companies and their owners.

Worse, the results:

DRUG-ASSISTED rape is one of Britain's fastest growing crimes with an estimated 30 women a week reporting their drinks have been spiked.

One victim support group, the London-based Roofie Foundation, has had more than 6,000 rape victims, many of them MEN, calling its helpline. Spokesman Graham Rhodes, who helped get GHB outlawed, now wants GBL banned. He said: "The spread of GBL has changed this year.

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