Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Alabama Man Faces E-Murder Charge

All too often, I share articles about murder charges coming from designer drug use. This one is particularly upsetting -- a 50 year old man who is charged with killing a 16 year old boy:
A Hoover man indicted on a manslaughter charge 16 months ago after a 16-year-old Hoover boy died of a drug overdose in his home is scheduled to go to trial in March, court records show.

Timothy Terrell, 50, is scheduled to have a jury trial in Jefferson County Bessemer Division Circuit Judge Teresa Petelos' courtroom on March 28.

Police say Terrell failed to provide or seek medical attention for 16-year-old Zachary Casciaro when the boy overdosed on drugs while spending the night with Terrell's 15-year-old son in March 2003.

Authorities say the boy got sick when he accidentally took a lethal combination of Ecstasy, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. Terrell's son called Hoover police at 5:26 a.m., but police say Terrell was aware several hours earlier that Casciaro had ingested drugs and was in distress.


Ilona Lehmann said...

ich hoffe dieser Mann erhält seine gerechte Strafe.
Als Apotheker hätte er die Sachlage erkennen müßen und er hätte sicher helfen können.
Zachary könnte so vieleicht noch am Leben sein.

Ilona Lehmann
( Germany )

Mike Casciaro said...

Zachary was my nephew who I loved very much. He was a great kid with a wonderful smile. When he was smaller, he had surreal energy and would wrestle and play fight me until I was exhausted. He was very gifted with technology, he loved animals, he was a blackbelt in Karate at a very young age. He loved to go swimming and would hang on my back endlessly in his grandmother's pool and make me run around the pool to make a strong whirlpool for him. When he went to Terrell's house that night, he went to the house of the devil. Terrell was a pharmacist! He did not account for his drugs. He catered to young people. My nephew was given drugs in his house. He was curious. After taking the drugs he convulsed, shivvered, his lips turned blue, he laid on the couch with Terrel's son and another kid while they watched TV and played video games. Terrell saw him. He did not want to call for help because of the trouble it might have brought him. My brother was calling Zachary's cell phone off the hook, none of them would even answer his phone. Finally, several hours after he had died on the couch, they called my brother on Zachary's cell phone and told him something was wrong. The ambulance never came, the hearst did instead. THEY KNEW. If they had just called my brother, he would have came, promised to say nothing and brought him to a hospital. A simple IV would have saved him. THEY KNEW! They did nothing. Drugs from his pharmacy are unaccounted for. He needs to pay. My brother and my sister-in-law later divorced over this. We worried my brother would not make it for over a year. I almost lost my brother too and I feel I have also lost a sister. I hope the people of Hoover do the right thing and send a message to other harborers of drugs, drug use, distribution, and being inhumane. I will monitor this trial very closely. I pray the correct verdict will be rendered.

Anonymous said...

thank you Mike for your Comment.
I feel the same but i dont can write so good in Englisch. We are the German Part off this wonderfull Family Casciaro and we also miss Zachary every Day wery much.

The rest i write in German.

Wir hoffen mit der ganzen Familie Casciaro den Freunden von Zachary und auch allen anderen Verwanten auf dieser Welt, daß dieser Apoteker eine angemessene Strafe erhält. Für mich ist es selbst fast 2 Jahre nach diesem schrecklichen Geschehen immernoch unfassbar das ein Mann mit diesem Beruf (der hier in Deuschland fast wie ein Doktortitel ist) nichts zur Lebenserhaltung von Zachery unternommen hat. Für mich ist diese Tat, wie vorsätzlich in Kauf nehmen das ein Kind stirbt. Das Leid das er Ralh, Mary und Nicole durch seine unterlassene Hilfeleistung zugefügt hat kann er,(kann niemand) wieder gutmachen.
Für diesen Prozess wünsche ich Ralph und Mary viel Kraft und das genau das Urteil gesprochen wird wie Sie es sich wünschen. Unsere Gedanken werden bei Ihnen sein.
In Love
Ilona, Artur, Jeremy und Tante Helga

Anonymous said...

Plea agreement reached in teen's fatal overdose
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
News staff writer
The man charged with manslaughter in connection with the 2003 drug overdose of a 16-year-old Hoover boy has pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide.
Timothy Terrell, 50, will serve no jail time after a plea agreement completed last week in the Bessemer division of Jefferson County Circuit Court.
The district attorney's office offered Terrell a 12-month suspended sentence with two years unsupervised probation in return for his guilty plea to the misdemeanor crime, and Judge Teresa Petelos approved the deal March 8, court records show. Terrell's trial had been scheduled March 28.
Terrell was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine, plus court costs, and to continue in alcohol treatment classes, said John Robbins, one of his attorneys. Terrell has been sober for more than two years, Robbins said.
Hoover police said Terrell failed to provide or seek medical attention for Zachary Casciaro when the boy overdosed on drugs while spending the night with Terrell's 15-year-old son at the Terrells' Hoover home in March 2003.
Authorities said Casciaro got sick when he accidentally took a lethal combination of ecstasy, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. Terrell's son called Hoover police at 5:26 a.m., but police said Terrell knew several hours earlier that Casciaro had ingested drugs and was in distress.
Casciaro was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.
Police said Terrell's background as a pharmacist should have made him aware of the dangers associated with a drug overdose. A grand jury indicted him for manslaughter in August 2003.
Terrell still faces a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by Casciaro's parents, Ralph and Mary Casciaro. That case is set for trial June 13.
Terrell now lives in south Shelby County, said Steve Salter, one of his attorneys.
Terrell was a pharmacist at Wasson Drugs in Birmingham but surrendered his pharmacy license shortly after Casciaro's death, Salter said.
The state pharmacy board will hold a hearing to determine the future status of his license, said Eddie Braden, an investigator for the board.
No Comment / Ilona

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hoover resident said...

That uncle needs a reality check. His son was hanging out with kids know to do drugs. And everyone was saying that Zach Casario was one of the biggest druggies in Hoover. Experiment????Yeah right. Good kids dont hang out with bad kids. The Terrell man should have known better to have kids like that in his house and yes he was the adult and ultimately responsible. But lets kid ourselves about the kid. It was just a matter of time before he overdosed anyways. And ofcourse the parents sued. Its their meal ticket. I heard the parents went and bought another house and a new car banking on the money. Its pretty pathetic that all the parents can think about is money.

hoover resident said...

Yeah, your stupid families lawsuit got you what?? That kid was nothing but trouble for everyone he encountered! Hoover students said the gold digging parents kicked him out of the house and thats why he was trying to find a place to stay. I would overdose too if i had parents too! They only gave a crap about him after he was dead bc they could sue and get money! What losers