Thursday, January 06, 2005

It's Drug Season Down Under

The more I read, the more I worry that we in America are enjoy the last few months or years before Ecstasy use here soars. Use of the drug is much higher in Europe and Australia than it is here, and I am convinced that drug marketers will sieze on our market next.

Please prepare yourself and your children and loved ones now, before it's too late! To learn more about how to do this, click here.

It's summertime Down Under, spurring this story from the newspaper The Australian:

Summertime, and the ecstasy is deadly
There's no shortage of party drugs on the streets despite a series of big busts. But the pills can kill you, Nick Leys writes

AUSTRALIAN crime agencies fighting the war on drugs have had a good year in terms of seizures and busts, especially of the party drug ecstasy.

In the seven months coming into summer and the biggest party season of the year -- traditionally when greater numbers of ecstasy tablets are consumed -- police made three big busts.

The bad news for the police is that, despite their successes, there is no shortage of pills on the street, so large is the market in Australia. The size of the busts and the fact the market is not affected indicates just how much ecstasy is imported, manufactured and consumed here.

Paul Dillon, information manager of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, says the average price of ecstasy remains at $30 to $50 per tablet. But in areas such as western Sydney, it can be purchased for $25 or less.

"The thing about the ecstasy market is I've never seen a shortage," Dillon says. "There's never been a time when people can't get any. The quality might not be so good -- there was a very bad patch in the '90s -- but there is always some sort of pill available."

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