Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rural Meth Lab Problem Grows

In the countryside around Lubbock, Texas -- and around thousands of other towns around the country, meth labs are flourishing, bringing with them crime, addiction, broken families, and death. Recently, the LubbockAvalanche-Journal editorialized on the subject, concluding:

"What we're seeing more of a trend toward is that the crooks from the big cities are moving out to the small communities," said Floydada Police Chief Darrell Gooch.

He should know. During his 20 years with the Floydada Police Department he remembers the discovery of one meth lab in the first 18 years. During just the last two years a dozen have been raided. How unfortunate.

In 2004 violent crime dropped across the South Plains — which is a very positive trend that we hope continues. But we cannot have 2005 show similar rising statistics with drug-related crimes.

There has to be a way to monitor our rural areas and stop what is basically free reign with the operation of meth labs. That is the only way to impact the rise in non-violent crimes.

We need to unite in this fight. It is also the only way to help ensure our young people will have a strong opportunity to remain drug-free.


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