Saturday, December 11, 2004

Red Mitsubishi Repackaging Hides PMA

I've heard kids say taking Ecstasy can be less risky if you buy from a dealer you know and trust. Sorry, but people who make a living selling drugs aren't to be trusted. In fact, here's case where the word is getting out that unscrupulous dealers were selling PMA -- much more dangerous than Ecstasy -- as "Red Mistubishis." As sales dropped, rather than dump the dangerous PMA, they simply ground it up and repackaged it.

Sunday Mail
December 5, 2004

DOCTORS fear a deadly designer drug responsible for recent deaths is being rebadged by backyard manufacturers to trick users. It is understood drug makers are changing the logo and shade of the dangerous Red Mitsubishi pill so users think they are taking a less potent drug.

Royal Adelaide Hospital research fellow Dr David Caldicott said he was concerned the pills were being "recrushed and sold" as other labels, including a pill with a "Red Crown" logo. He said users were then oblivious to the drug's dangers, which have received widespread media coverage.

"We have spoken to two independent sources, both of whom have expressed concerns this week that Red Mitsubishis have been crushed," Dr Caldicott said.

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this wont happen but ill still try said...

i use ecstacy frequently and had a red mitzi last year. they where really bad or good depending how you look at things.
i think it(e's) should be sold leagally made in clean labs by chemists( also taxed) because what you by in the street is any thing the cooks want to put in it thats cheap and f#@ks you up like rat poison.
anyway if me and the other 90% of nightclubers are desperate enough to risk our lives every w/end isin't it time to stop making the criminals rich as hell i see and hear about 2 million dollars in cash wash through surfers every w/end thats me theres more than that in e's ice(hate ice it killed a mate of mine)speed coke and pot that even i'll never know about so the way to stop it and the only way is to have the gov. or a company make safe e or more and more people will drop ps. people i have seen take e's!:off duty policeman journolists lawyers engenires mothers daughters and sons of politicians women and men aged from 14-48 all my friends all their freinds their friends friends ect... ect...
pps police aren't hopeless at their job its just every week 200 new dealers are born and they can only catch the dumb or unlucky
ppps in a survey i would never admit to taking any thing illeagl neither would the people above alot of people do it regulally when i say a lot i mean 1 person gives up 20 people start