Saturday, December 18, 2004

GHB Awareness Growing in Canada

Here's a good summary of what's wrong with GHB, from The Vancouver Province newspaper in British Columbia

'A perfect drug' for a predator: GHB often carried in Visine bottle or lens container to parties
December 14, 2004

GHB sells on the street for between $10 and $25 for 10 millilitres and usually comes in a small plastic container. Some people bring the undiluted drug to nightclubs in a Visine bottle, or contact lens container, to evade security, said Const. Scott Rintoul, the RCMP's drug awareness officer.

He estimates three teaspoons of undiluted GHB would make someone pass out for up to eight hours.

"From a predator's point of view, it remains a perfect drug," he said. "I had a girl in my office recently who was drugged with GHB at a work party and another girl who became nauseous after her third glass of wine at a busy restaurant and went home and passed out. She went to the doctor the next morning and was definitely drugged." [In my film, ER physician Mike Ritter points out that if someone can't stand up after a dring, they've been drugged and need to be rushed to the nearest hospital.]

GHB is highly addictive and the withdrawal process is similar to heroin withdrawal. [Actually, it's worse. Many have died from GHB withdrawal, so addicts need to find a medical expert who knows how to detox them.] The drug was developed in the 1940s as an anesthetic but failed to impress the medical community. ... While the RCMP doesn't have statistics on GHB deaths in Canada, Rintoul said there are dozens of recorded GHB overdose deaths in the U.S.

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