Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ecstasy: Try and Die

The victim in this sad story used Ecstasy one time. She didn't have a chance to get addicted, she didn't have a chance to go into recovery. Instead, she died.

Richmond (Virginia) Times Dispatch
December 10, 2004

A man who failed to seek medical help for a friend after he gave her the drug Ecstasy was sentenced to 19 months in prison for the woman's death. Jorge E. Aguirre, 22, of Houston, was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty in October to involuntary manslaughter and drug distribution.

The former sailor passed out the drugs to his Navy friends in February 2003 and 18-year-old Dominique Womble died from what investigators said was her first experience with the illegal stimulant. Womble became ill during an evening of clubbing, suffering seizures and vomiting, and was found dead the next morning in a motel room the sailors had gotten for the night.

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RosencransMT said...

Dominique we miss you dearly. I know that some day I will see your beautiful smile again. You were a great person to hang out with and to just be around. You brought joy to others. I am proud to say that I knew you. I know that my lil' sis' really loved you and really misses you. My prays are with and have always been with your family.