Saturday, December 18, 2004

Open Dealing Promotes Ecstasy Use

Ecstasy use is so prevalent in some areas that it's as easy to buy as a Bacardi or a Bud at bars and clubs that are popular with the urban young. From The Canadian Press in British Columbia:

Victoria nightclub sting yields cocaine and ecstasy, police arrest 16
December 18, 2004

Undercover police had no problem buying cocaine and ecstasy at five downtown Victoria clubs in a recent sting operation. They were even directed to drug dealers by bouncers and bar staff, said project co-ordinator Sgt. Les Sylven.

Police rounded up alleged dealers Friday after an 11-day undercover operation resulted in warrants for the arrest of 16 people for trafficking in controlled substances, Sylven said.

"Our operators, pretty much every time they walked into a bar, they were walking out with cocaine or ecstasy,'' Sylven said.

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