Saturday, December 11, 2004

200+ Ecstasy Deaths in UK Since 1996

There have been more than 200 ecstasy related deaths in the UK since 1996, most linked to dehydration as well as liver, kidney and heart problems. Throughout Europe and Australia, Ecstasy deaths keep piling up as well.

Newspapers in England and Australia are full of stories on Ecstasy death, massive Ecstasy use, and huge Ecstasy busts. I believe the European papers are bursting with the same kind of stories, but I just read the English-language ones. And worse, I believe that it's just a matter of time before Ecstasy use will begin to expand dramatically throughout the United States.

There is also no reason to assume that GHB won't become more popular. It is inexpensive, powerful, addictive and could easily become a new crack cocaine.

I made my film to try to forestall this flood, and many others are working hard to do the same. I hope it's enough, but it gets discouraging.

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