Saturday, December 11, 2004

PMA Surfaces in Australia Deaths

Steven Lorenz died when a dealer sold him PMA (peramethoxyamphetamine) as Ecstasy. His temperature sored to 108 degrees, his organs melted, and he died. In my film, his Dad says that when he touched his son's body a few hours later, he was still hot to the touch.

Now, sadly, it's happened again in Australia. If you scroll though the last few week's postings, you'll find several stories about Red Mitsubishi Ecstasy, which is actually PMA and is leaving a trail of death Down Under.

The Advertiser
December 8, 2004

Police find 'death' drug

Police have cracked an organised drug ring in South Australia which is potentially more lethal than even the dealers themselves imagined. Forensic tests have revealed what Adelaide dealers thought was ecstasy is actually PMA (paramethoxyamphetamine) - known on the streets as "Death".

"Now the drug dealers have their own drugs mixed up - it's Russian roulette," Detective Chief Inspector Peter Harvey said yesterday. "The people who were in custody of them believe they are Red Mitsubishi - ecstasy - (but) forensic analysis shows without question they're PMA."

The discovery comes as the life-support system of a man, 19, from Keith was turned off at Flinders Medical Centre yesterday after a drug overdose. His death is suspected to be the result of an overdose of Red Mitsubishi. His body overheated and went into "muscle meltdown" and hospital staff immersed him in ice to reduce his temperature before he was transferred to Adelaide last Monday.

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