Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Remember This When Ecstasy Stats Come Out

In a month or two, federal drug figures will come out and may well say Ecstasy use has decreased. Don't believe it! Here's an article from the Queensland Courier Mail in Australia -- granted, not the U.S., but I'd be surprised if things are much different here -- that shows just how popular Ecstasy has become.

Ecstasy flood
AUSTRALIA has been flooded with ecstasy in the past year, with Customs officers seizing almost one [one] of the dangerous party drug. Border patrols seized a record 872kg of ecstasy, 709kg of cannabis and 131kg of cocaine, according to the Australian Customs Service's annual report.

As you read that, ask yourself, "How much got through?"

And here's why you don't want it to get through, from Ireland:


A MAN aged 20 who died on the drug-free wing of a young offenders' centre had huge amounts of ecstasy in his system, an inquest heard yesterday. John Paul Mitchell was discovered dead in bed at St Patrick's Institution in December 2003.

His father Ignatius, who identified his son in the state mortuary, said the condition of the body was awful. ... "You wouldn't do it to a dog. I went over to him and I just broke down."

The court heard John Paul, of Orchard Park, The Curragh, Co Kildare, had not seemed depressed before his death. He had one positive test for amphetamines on September 22 but had 16 clean tests since - including one the day before.

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