Thursday, November 11, 2004

Newspaper editorial: No Good Ecstasy!

This editorial in the Melbourne Herald Sun gets it right! Testing Ecstasy at Raves only sends the message that the drug can be safe, and that's a wrong and dangerous message.

No good ecstasy

THE Victorian Government rightly rejects a suggested trial quality-test of ecstasy tablets at a dance party this month. ... Premier Steve Bracks says testing of ecstasy tablets is not government policy.

Two young Victorians died recently, possibly from the effects of ecstasy. In Sydney police have warned that 5000 dangerous ecstasy tablets are on the streets. ...

Federal parliamentary secretary for health Christopher Pyne said: "They (ecstasy tablets) are not safe for consumption in any context; the proposal sends entirely the wrong message." The right message to deliver is that people are foolish to indulge in an illegal drug which has the potential to kill them. Condoning abuse by engaging in official testing is not the way to go.

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