Saturday, November 06, 2004

Another Light Sentence for a Drug Murderer

Parents, do you know everything you need to know about everyone your kids hang out with? Of course not! Our greatest fear as parents is that someone who seems normal, someone who seems like they'd look out for our kids, turns out to be a monster. That happened to Sara, who's profiled in my film, when a neighborhood boy gave her four ecstasy pills in a scheme to rape her. Instead, he killed her -- she died on Mother's Day morning.

Read below about how the same thing happened to 17-year-old Julie Zdeblick of Madison, Wisconsin. As you read this story, note the penalty her killer received, and compare it to what he could have, and should have, received:

Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wisconsin)
November 5, 2004

Derek Hansen was convicted of reckless homicide Thursday for supplying the powerful pain medication that killed a Middleton High School student in March.

Hansen, 20, of Middleton, pleaded no contest to first-degree reckless homicide for supplying the Oxycontin that killed Julie Zdeblick, 17, who was found in her bedroom by her mother on March 6. Hansen also entered no contest pleas to eight other drug-related charges involving Oxycontin, ecstasy, amphetamines and marijuana in addition to one count of bail jumping.

As part of a plea agreement, Dane County Assistant District Attorney Corey Stephan will ask that Hansen spend no more than five years in prison. The charges carry penalties of more than 100 years in prison.


Anonymous said...

Julie was my niece, and I am still sad and angry over her death. She was a searcher, a helper, a child with a great heart and an adventurous soul. These drugs are pernicious and evil; we must protect our children from them.

Anonymous said...

To call this man a "murderer" is an outrage. He was never, and will never be the problem. He is not the one to blame, he onld did what she had wanted him to do, provide an intoxicating substance to another person so that they could in turn intoxicate themselves. the real problem here is either addiction (if either of them were addicted) or poor education coupled with poor judgment. I she had possible been more informed about the substance she was about to consume, or if she had adiquite informational recources, then sadly it was do to poor judgment. Don't get me wrong it is a shame that this happened and that things like this will continue to happen, however this does not mean that calling this man a Murderer is justified.

Anonymous said...

Julie was a wonderful bright person I miss her every day. Derek figured he knew all there was to know about drugs which he openly expressed, he knew what he was doing and somehow made people believe he didn't?

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angaschiang said...

I don't realize the whole story.
Please tell me where can I see more detail.

chasejnewman said...

The only person who know's the whole story sits next to the lord.

Let me just tell you A story.

"Death and disHonor - Derek and Julie"

A boy knew he was an addict. Knew what it meant. Knew he could never use "drugs" safely. He went to a class full of peers to get help with his problem of "addiction". There he met the most beautiful girl he's ever known. The first time he met her he had no attraction for her other than he sensed she was a good-hearted "poor" girl. Boy did she have him fooled.

This boy wen't to group with her twice a week. It didn't take long for him to realize there was more to her to than meets the eye for she was far from the girl he dreamed he loved. She wasn't a "barbie". She didn't have bright blonde hair. To this day he couldn't tell you what color eyes she wore. She didn't come from money. Boy did she have him fooled.

One day this boy wen't to group just like any other day. Everything about that day seemed like any other day. Boy did he have himself fooled.

A door opened. The boy walked in and sat down. A counsler told the boy, "[boy], there's something you should know. [girl] died." this boy thought he could handle anything. Boy did he have himself fooled.

This boy went to her funeral with his friends from counseling. And with her friends. The boy had never seen so many "kids" crying in his life.

Hindsight is 20/20. Punishment is necessary. I will wish I was dead until the day I die. But only god should judge me(you).

The End.

Disclaimer: The boy's and girl's names were purposely withheld in the story so as the real subject of the story is not to be confused. The author of this story would love to answer any questions about THE STORY as people seem fit.

chasejnewman said...

My names chase newman. I knew Julie a very short time. I will wear her initials on my wrist until the day the lord sees fit for me to join him and Julie. I knew in a way only about 10 other people in this world knew her. From Connections Counseling.

In those shorts months I learned a lot about the most wonderful person I've ever met in my life. The most important thing I learned about Julie was she loved. She loved people. She loved forgiveness.

I believe deep in my heart that if she had one wish she would ask for us to forgive. Forgive those who knew her first, forgive Derek second for he was one of her best friends, and last, blame Dan Brown for if he only made "Angels and Deamons" a little more interesting or juse a bit longer she would still be here doing what she did best.

love chase

ps. the dan brown reference was an inside joke. but that sure is an interesting name of a book.

chasejnewman said...

Julie was not the real victim in her death. The real victim is every person who knew her and asks, "why her?"

june said...

chasejnewman, i knew her too. and you made me cry!!

raskolnikov said...

Drug murderer? Sounds like some vindictive vigilantes.