Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ecstasy "The Hug Drug?" NOT!!

The deep psychological effects of ecstasy are rarely stated. On the Young Adult Version of my film, there's an interview with a young user who says she's so depressed after ecstasy use that she can't leave her mom's side. Now this terrifying story:

St. John's Telegram (Newfoundland)
Dad begs judges to help son

A St. John's father vividly recalls his son's first run-in with the law. No surprise, since it was only three months ago, on Aug. 4 - Regatta Day.
"He said he wanted 40 bucks from his mother to go to the Regatta," Dave (not his real name) says of his 14-year-old son. Neither can be named to protect the identity of his son.
Truth be told, his son was "strung out" on the drug ecstasy and needed the cash for another hit.
Dave wasn't there. He got a call that morning from his ex-wife telling him their son was becoming violent and demanding the money."
He was never in trouble with the law before that," says Dave, struggling to contain his emotions. "But he's gotten so far out of control since then, it's outrageous. Within three months, it's absolute chaos."
His son became so agitated that police were called, and were about to use pepper spray when Dave arrived at his ex-wife's home.
"He was swinging a hockey stick at (the officers') heads. He was completely out to lunch on the drug."

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