Saturday, November 20, 2004

Despite Drug Deaths, It's On With The Show

Bay Area friends, you may want to go to this public hearing and tell the Board of Directors at the Cow Palace that holding raves in which young people die is NOT the way to solve their financial problems! In my film, experts talk about how fairgrounds and/or rave organizers have been known to turn up heat and turn off water fountains in order to make more profits from the sale of bottled water! I'm not saying this has occurred at the Cow Palace, but people need to know that it is NOT OK to put our kids at risk for money!

San Mateo (CA) County Times
November 18, 2004
New Year's Eve party still on at the Cow Palace

The Cow Palace plans to host a controversial dance party on New Year's Eve, despite pressure from law enforcement and local politicians to stop holding the events.

Almost two years ago, two young men died of drug overdoses at a New Year's Eve party at the state-owned Cow Palace sponsored by the same promoter,
CoolWorld Productions of Oakland. More than 100 people, including minors, have been arrested on suspicion of selling and using drugs at two CoolWorld parties at the Cow Palace since the deaths.

CoolWorld Promoter Sason Parry said his company cooperates with police to keep drugs out of the events. "Drugs are a nationwide society problem," Parry said. "They're going to be there and all you can do is do your best. We go beyond the call of duty."

County Supervisor Mike Nevin and Daly City Mayor Sal Torres delivered a letter Monday to the Cow Palace board making the case against the parties and asking the board to reconsider allowing the New Year's event. The letter said that problems arise from "the obvious and extensive use of illegal narcotics at these events and the inherent costs associated with policing them." It also said that allowing minors to attend gives them access to
Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine, LSD and other so-called "club drugs."

The board was scheduled to consider the issue at a meeting today, but it was canceled because several members are out of town, said Michael Wegher, CEO of the state-owned facility. Instead, the board will hold a public hearing on the parties Jan. 19 at 12:30 p.m. Wegher has defended the decision to hold the parties, saying that the Cow Palace needs the money.

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