Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ecstasy Part of Global Organized Crime

This news flash from the Associated Press shows how global organized crime networks are behind Ecstasy. Ravers, do you think someone running an illegal lab in Indonesia has yhour health and best interests at heart?

Indonesian police raid ecstasy factory
JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Police were hunting the owner of an ecstasy factory Tuesday after seizing over 80,000 pills in Indonesia's biggest drug bust this year, an officer said.

Police arrested two men during the raid Friday in West Jakarta, but were still looking for the factory owner, who was identified only by the initials BT, said police Col. Ciptono. Aside from the tablets, officers confiscated chemicals and distillation equipment, a press used to make the pills and scales, said Ciptono, who like many Indonesians uses a single name.

"We figured that the facility made 10,000 pills a day," he said.

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