Saturday, May 12, 2007

Remembering Steven

It was six years ago Sara (below) and Steven died from ecstasy that had PMA in it!

In Memory of:
Steven Lorenz Died May 7th 2000 from
Ecstasy and PMA

He was just 17 years old! His father David still does all he can to help educate the kids on what can happen if you take a drug, and the fact that what they say is in the pill may not be what is really in the pill. You can go on my website, the preview page and see more about Steven.

Be sure to listen to the tribute to Steven made by his Dad, brother and musician friend Joe Center.

Dave Lorenz (left) with Mayor Daley (Center) and Dominick Garza (Right) at a "TARGET AMERICA " Drug Awareness Event in Chicago


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Dear Beth ,
Thanks for everything and keeping my Song to Steven on your web site , This is more important then the 16 million dollars law suite that I won in court against the drug dealers , being the first to win in the court of law against dealer in Illinois , Doing all these things we have done really mean very little if now one see them . With all my heart " I hope that the dying will one Day Stop "
The pain I feel every Day when radio stations play Drug Songs , and Comedian's Make Jokes...
Radio stations that refuse to play my Song Cause it doesn't fit there format , My Son never thought he would Die ! I never will be the Same ! I died with him ! My sole tried to help others in every way possible . I have been defeated by the lure of enjoyment , fun , and the media .
For my Son ! Defeated by Drugs & taken from this Life because he wanted to have fun ! Now that he is an Angel I hope he helps others !
Anyway Beth , Thanks for never giving up the fight ! Love
David Lorenz

Beth said...

Oh thank you David and God Bless you!

I am going to post some things I got in from the kids that saw Steven's story for everyone to see!

There is not a doubt in my mind, Steven, Sara, Cathy and Erin continue to save lives!

Love from,

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Anonymous said...

Here is what the teens had to say after seeing Steven's Story in class.

. “Ecstasy”___From the Stephen part of your video________Comments?

I’d think that he was suffering the whole time he was in the hospital

You are never going to know if you are doing real ecstasy, drugs will kill you.

Never take any pills from anyone

That ecstasy is a bad drug to die from it in a bad way from temperature or another worse way.

I learned that ecstasy could be a drug called PMA which will kill you no matter what.

I don’t have ovny for this drug because I’ve never had it all I know is that I’ll never do it. But it was sad to hear that he had died that way.

Ecstasy can kill and 1-10 pills it doesn’t matter it can kill you.

It could be a false pill or not real an can kill U.

Ecstasy in this case wasn’t even exstasy it has PDA and it was a dangerous drug.

I used ecstasy before bit I won’t ever again. This is a very tragic story. I remember when those pills were going around

He was a nice look boy and he died mad that mess up and he was a bad thing.