Saturday, May 12, 2007

Erin Rose

5 years ago today. May 13th Erin Rose took Ketamine. She stopped breathing for 18 minutes and was left with a severe brain injury.

You can see more on Erin here


Beth said...

thank you! I am a School Resource Officer at a High School. I am currently having a problem with Extasy use with my students. Atlanta Georgia is now the #1 distribution center for Extasy and we are an hour south of there.

i was reviewing your video in my office yesterday and one of my female students walked in and started watching it with me. she was so overwelmed by the video that after school she told some of her friends about it and they returned after school just to watch the video. i teach a lot of drug education classes and will use your video in them. i teach all the incoming freshmen at Lagrange College every year, i believe that the video will have a huge impact on them.

thank you very much for your time and energy in putting the video together, it is great!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Beth,

Hi, my name is Chenoa Blennerhassett, im 17 and im in my final year of high school. Just recently, i have been given an assignment to discuss and raise awareness about a certain issue, and i chose to talk about teenagers and drugs. This is when i came across your wonderful website. Your website is one in a million, as not alot really offer you the real stories, it is mainly all hypothetical, however it was totally different. Your website and the stories told, really moved me. I'm proud to say i have never tried drugs and thanks to this website, i never will. I even sent a link to your website around to my contacts, as i wanted them to see the effects of what one little drug could do. Like you, i wasn't fully aware of many drugs until a girl in my town passed away from taking a mixture of them this year. Having seen the previews of the stories was simply enough to not only change my view on drug experimentation, but now i too, want to raise greater awareness within my community. You're a true inspiration to me. Thank you very much, I hope that you continue to change the lives of many people in a positive way, just as you have done to mine.

Yours sincerly,

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, I actually found your website after hearing about it at my son’s school. I showed both my kids (at the time 9 and 11) and saved the site for further reference but was actually a little leery to purchase the video. Afraid, I guess that I might be introducing some concept or thing that they might not thought of on their own. Afraid that they might expand their horizons, afraid that I was “paranoid” and I would pass on any ideas to them at too early of an age. My son is in middle school and I dropped off his folder for him in June and the police were there. When I asked the office staff, they didn’t know why they were there. I later found out, a kid had od’d on Sudafed and was rushed to ER. It’s a rush to “max out” on the pills and take as many as they can. They find all this out on the internet.

I met Erin the other day. Actually I saw her and I felt like I knew her. It took me a while to put the video and her actual presence together. And when I did it broke my heart, it broke my heart to think that she could be anyone….she could be my daughter and she could be my friend and she could be the girl down the street. It broke my heart to realize that she will never be able to be all the things she dreamed of, go all the places she wanted to and achieve all the goals that she set. It broke my heart because I wanted to look away because it was awkward and uncomfortable to observe her and it didn’t make me feel good. It broke my heart to realize that she will never realize her potential because of a stupid decision that she made that forever changed her life and how many others will make the same decision.

It broke my heart because it made my 11 daughter cry to see how she struggled to perform her job. So today I will buy the video and show my kids and show my neighbors kids and spread the word. Because it broke my heart.

Thanks for all your hard work…