Saturday, May 12, 2007

In Memory of Cathy Isford

Cathy Isford died May 22, 2002 after taking Ecstasy on Prom Night! She was 18 years old, engaged to be married. Her Family Paul, Pat and Star continue to do all they can to spread the word Ecstasy is dangerous, even a couple of pills.
You can see more about Cathy here.


Beth said...

Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 1:37 PM
Subject: Last presentation at area high school last week

We are enclosing the evaluations on what they learned from Cathy's story. My husband does not correct their spelling.Please let Cathy's parents know they are helping others to make better choices and they have a very powerful story, saw some tears from some of the teens. These were 9th graders at Butler High.

Thanks for your help in saving lives of our young,


. “Voice of the Victims” – What did you learn about ecstasy?____
It’s not a good choice to make (tried both)

It can kill. It can put you in a coma. They come in pills. (tried both)

Nothing (tried both)

I’ve learned that ecstasy isn’t good for your skin and it can kill you. And that if you take too much you can die. The addiction could kill your brain cells. (Drinks)

It can just take your life, you get a headache, and then you pass out and then they can’t revive you. (drinks)

Nothing I didn’t already know – its bad – kills, puts you in commas. That’s why I don’t do it. (drinks)

I learned that ecstasy can cause death and can cause a person to act totally different and they can be addicted, and once they are addicted they can’t stop. It’s like they don’t know what you are doing and you have to keep on taking them just to seem normal (drinks)

It can kill you. You never know what’s going to happen, so you shouldn’t risk it. It effects everyone you know. (drinks)

That it is very dangerous and that it can kill you very fast. (drinks)

What I learned about ecstasy was that it can kill you and you shouldn’t take it. (drinks)

It can cause you to go brain dead or die at any amount, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. (drinks)

It gives you a false sence of feeling good

This video has really been touching. It was wonderful to see how much love carries on.

Ecstasy took her life. It wasn’t the first time, but you never know when it will hurt you. It was a really sad video b/c she had such a bright future and it was all taken by one really awful choice, which could have been prevented.

Ecstasy can kill you from taking it once. Family and friends will be really upset.

Ecstasy has different effects on people and you should never take it.

I learned that you never know if it’s going to be you that isn’t going to wake up or not.

Its not the most positive thing you can do. As well as it can mess your life up. You can die from it the moment you use it.

Ecstasy can cause headaches, pain and death. To the parents of Kathy.Cathy: I’m sorry for your loss.

I learned that it kills your brain cells and messes up your life and health.

- Kill you – The chances are random for death – It kills

Ecstasy can kill you if you are not careful. You never know when something can go

Ecstasy can kill you and if someone else uses it, your body can react differently than other people.

The people just basically told us their stories and now you know that this stuff is real. I learned about how it can…

It could take only two pills to kill

I learned that ecstasy can cause lots and lots of damage to your body and ruin your heart really badly.

Ecstasy can destroy your life

Ecstasy can kill you. You head will hurt. Your brain will be to heavy then break ??????? It was focused for us to watch.

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Note from Beth:

Here are a few comments from a 9th grade class that saw Cathy's story.