Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let's Remember Sara

Sara Aeschlimann died May 14th 2000 from Ecstasy and PMA

Sara died on Mother's Day 2001. She took some E on her own, but was slipped more. Sara was the only child of Robert and Jann Aeschlimann, and she was only 18 years old!

You can see a preview of Sara's full story on my preview page.


Sara's mom said...

She died on Mother's Day 2000 and we miss her every day, but today Mother's Day is when we remember her horrible death in the hospital.

It's been 8 years since Sara died of an overdose of Ecstasy that was given to her by a "friend" so he could have sex with her.

Just remember, you do drugs, you can't rely on your friends for help. They will look out for themselves first and let you die.

Don't think that Ecstasy is's not. It feels good, but leaves you addicted to how good it feels and leaves you wanting more. It leaves you depressed, and wanting more. It leaves dead brain cells, and wanting more. I've met young people with speech problems, problems with memory and even paralysis in finger and arms. Do you want to be left like this for the rest of your life?

Anonymous said...

I have not seen your video I have only seen the previews and read the reviews, my sister were friends of Sara's since she was in 7th grade, it's just great to see someone getting this story out to people out there, and it looks like your touching so many lives. We would all do anything to bring Sara back, but at least you can let her memory and story be passed and hopefully prevent it from happening to even one more teenager, because even then you've made a difference in hundreds of peoples lives...Sara was a beautiful and sweet girl and will be forever missed by her friends out here in Naperville, and definitely by my family.

Anonymous said...

Sara was and will always be my best friend. there is not a week that goes by that I do not think of sara. I have always thought of sara as the most beautiful girl i have ever met in my life both inside and out. I just wish I was there that night. I know that now sara is a angel watching me and I think of her and her family all the time. I love you sara.

annonymous said...

I'm glad that people are doing their best to get the education out there so that others may not loose thier lives, but I wish it was presented in full honesty. I knew all people involved in this story very closely, and what is not being said is that Sara had a drug abuse problem, along with the others who were involved. I think that really and truly, everyone is to be held accountable for what happened that night and there are still some other people who have never stepped up to the plate and confessed to their involvement. I believe that is the saddest part of all! Yes, Garrett did drugs, but most of the kids in this town did. Unfortunately, they were the ones with the short straw. Please be more honest in your depictions- I think Sarah, her family and Garrett's family all deserve it. It's really sad to see so many people have hurt feelings and hateful feelings when they do not have the full account and have let themselves fall innocent victim to the stories of highschool kids trying to protect themselves from what they have done so that they do not take the fall, but choose to blame it on one person. Think about it.....