Saturday, May 12, 2007

OxyContin Heart Break!!

Carol (right photo) is a very special friend who I met while making my film on the dangers of designer drugs. Carol’s sister, Allison (left photo) had just died from GHB.

Now her other and only sister still living is addicted to Oxy Contin!! Carol has been beside herself as to how to help her sister! She doesn’t want to lose her, like she lost Allison. They can’t afford the high prices of a treatment center.
I would love to see this money Purdue has to pay in fines, go to help all those addicted to oxy contin get into treatment programs. I heard today on the News, the amount of the fine is only 6 months of profits made on Oxy Contin. This isn’t really that much!

I want to hear from you all about what you think about this.

Allison dead from GHB

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Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken for you. However, I would be heartbroken for my 9 year old daughter if her mother went back to being the sick, nearly crippled woman I was before I finally found a medication that worked for my illness, Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP). The name of that medication is Oxycontin.

I take it as directed under responsible medical supervision. When I no longer need it; the UC San Francisco Pain Management program will help me with a gradual, healthy withdrawal.

n addition to medication, I also found relief from exercising at the warm water pool in Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA. But the school board wants to knock down the gym in which it is housed. Chronic pain can happen to anyone at any time, so I suggest everyone think this over carefully.

Please, people, before you take ANYTHING prescribed or not, use this wonderful internet to do your homework. I support everything you are trying to do with this wonderful site. But you're not helping anyone by spreading misinformation. If Oxycontin is banned, I make no bones about saying I will find a way to get it. You just can't live with that kind of pain. Thank you.

Beth said...

The previous post makes a point that I really want to comment on:

Many medications are so helpful, life saving and therefore really help the quality of our lives!

I don’t ever want to see a good medication taken off the market, because people are abusing it! I know there is a better solution than that anyway.

Anonymous said...

i,am hear looking for a poem for my son who passed away 2 years ago from oxy cottin
it breaks my heart to know there is nothing i can do and i need help with my neice as we speek she is about 24 and tonight i feel will be her last night on earth from drugs and i can,t fine one think to do or say to get her out of this please help fine away to get our kids of the streets and off the drugs

Beth said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Son!! Would your neice be willing to get treatment?

Please! You can send me a personal, confidential email to

Maybe I could help her find a place to go for help!


Anonymous said...

Oxycontin was first produced for people on their death beds to make them more comfortable...I agree w/this. But when a doctor prescribes this very addictive drug for getting your tonsils out that is ridiculous. I have RLS, and have had it since 1968 and no one new what to do for this and they still don't, but one of my doctors put me on Oxycontin and I went up to 120mg every 8 hours. I took myself down to 40mg slowly. My body started hurting more and more and all I did was sleep, go from my bed to the couch in pain. I started to pray and pray asking if I was really having a problem w/my body or was I addicted! I got my answer w/help from my church and blessings to help me come off of Oxycontin. This was a slow process by myself w/many tears and sweating and so on...For two years of my life I never saw my backyard, well this summer I saw it for the first time in 2 yrs. You might think this is no big deal but when I got off of this drug I got my life back and I am so thankful. I am trying other meds now, one being Lyrica which seems to be helping. It is for nerves which is what I feel RLS is. Is there something I can do to get my 2 cents in to Purdue? They caused alot of heart ache for many people. Good Luck to all who try to get their own lifes back:)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for ur losses&ur problems with this drug..I am doing a project on oxy cotin. I am taking an addictions class in my college.I have to research this drug that sooo many ppl are addicted to & have died from. I was hoping u would be able to help me in getting the onformation I need to do this project& to make the ppl at my college aware of all the dangers that can lead to taking this drug..If U can help me that would be greatly appreciated..If u could email me That would be great for me& the ppl that I can hopefully be made aware of this drug when taken for the wrong reasons...Thank you
sarah M

Anonymous said...

I too am also an addict. I am 20 years old. I have been using every drug i could get since i was 15. I came from a great family and wonderful parents. I strayed away from christ and turned to pills. I came close to being dead many of times but God had other plans for me. I feel your pain and will keep you in my prayers. I have been clean only a few months. Stories like these help me to move forward. Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...
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kandy said...

curious to know abt detox w/o rehab or how someone "overcame" oxy. It is a beast and if there is something I haven't thought of or tried i would love to hear abt it.

Danny said...


It's great to hear you're interested in kicking your habit.

Would I be able to call you on the phone to tell you how I did it?

You can simply reply to this post with your email addy and I'll get in touch.

(I'm a published author and I want to stay anonymous for now)

Danny D

Stiffnecked person said...

This may be a duplicate; you can discard if it is. I happened to come across this conversation I had with Beth about people like me who depend on Oxycontin (AND the warm pool therapy-neither has worked without the other). But that doesn't mean you haven't saved lives in my household. Reading about everyone's personal experiences reminded me to take action to secure my medications. Meanwhile, the pain clinic is going to start a withdrawal attempt soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted.