Sunday, April 03, 2005

Wisconsinites, Unite Against Huffing!

Here's a sad letter from the Green Bay WI Gazette, that shows how tragedy can lead to activism, which can lead to big changes for the better.
Tell the lawmakers to pass this bill

SISTER BAY -- On June 29, 2001, my son Aaron Wake tragically died from "huffing" butane. Huffing, bagging and sniffing are terms for inhalant use, a cheap and easy way for our children and young adults to get high.

Parents and adults are out of the loop when it comes to inhalants. Children discuss it and practice it; adults stay in the dark. Most parents try to talk with their kids about alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy and date rape, but not about inhalants abuse.

The numbers are startling. At least one in five 8th graders has intentionally inhaled everyday products at the risk of brain damage and even death, reports the 2003 National Institute on Drug Abuse "Monitoring the Future Survey."

Inhalant abuse, most common in the 10-12 age group, is also considered a "gateway drug," a student's first form of substance abuse before graduating to other drugs. Assembly Bill 818 has been introduced to the Legislature to make the intentional misuse of household products and nonprescription drugs to get high illegal. Please call or write your state legislator in support of this necessary law. It will assist our police officers in working with our youth.

For further information:; or Wisconsin Poison Control Center, (800) 222-1222.

Laurie Culp, Aaron's mom
My heart goes out to Laurie in her tragedy, and I hope you'll pass this post along to anyone you know in Wisconsin. Huffing is taking a terrible toll on pre-teens and teens.

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