Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ecstasy: The Almost Kill Your Baby Drug

Ecstasy, the "love drug." That's what lots of kids think, but how do you explain this? (From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, registration required):
Timothy Staten shook, bit and dropped his 2-year-old daughter and threw her into a wall and down a stairway, leaving the child fighting for her life with a fractured skull, bleeding of the brain and facial injuries, authorities in Red Wing, Minn., said Wednesday.

Staten appeared to be in a drug-induced rage when he bloodied the toddler and another child early Tuesday, punched his pregnant wife as many as 100 times, struggled with five police officers, broke a leather restraint and fought with jailers, according to a criminal complaint.

His daughter was in critical condition late Wednesday in St. Marys Hospital in Rochester, where she was taken by air ambulance. An emergency room staff member said initially that the child was expected to live, but Goodhue County Attorney Steve Betcher said Wednesday that she underwent several emergency surgeries and "has been on the verge of death."
Found in Staten's house: blue pills, what appeared to be marijuana and "a whole bunch of ecstasy."

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