Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring Break Drug Rape Alert!

It's spring break in Daytona, and drug-facilitated rapes are in the news:
Since mid-March, the start of spring break for many, 20 women have sought help at the center, including 10 whose assaults were classified as "drug-facilitated," meaning they reported being impaired.

Usually one of 10 sexual assaults fits the category, Williams said.

The women may have simply consumed too much alcohol or unwittingly swallowed drinks spiked with such date-rape drugs as GHB or Rohyponol. The center tested the women for drugs.

Eight of the 10 "drug-facilitated" assault victims were under 21, the legal drinking age in Florida. Three were 16 or younger. Some did not remember what happened.
This story is repeated at spring break towns all over the country, and at university towns when it's not spring break. What has happened to our young men? When did this type of criminal behavior become something they embrace so easily?

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