Saturday, April 16, 2005

Vet Used Ketamine To Kill Hubby?

Investigators in Texas have charged a vet with hiding evidence of a crime -- specifically, her husband's body, by tying it to cinder blocks and throwing it in a pond.

The story in the Bangor Daily News (sorry, the site's search engine was down, so I can't provide a link) says Texas police searched the vet's home for ketamine, a common animal traquilizer frequently used by vets. Their theory: The vet knocked out her hubby with the colorless, almost tasteless drug, killed him, and tossed him in the pond. The story notes:
Ketamine is a lethal, rapid-acting anesthetic marketed to veterinarians. It is also a party drug that can produce numbness, muscle rigidity and slurred speech.
It is often used in drug-assisted rapes. For more on Ketamine, click here and here.

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