Friday, April 15, 2005

Another Ecstasy "Overdose"

A common misperception with Ecstasy deaths is that they are caused by overdoses. How does that jibe with this detail from a coronors inquest in Australia?
James Andrew Dzundza, 34, an information technology contractor, was declared dead in an ambulance about 4.35am on Sunday, July 18, 2004. He had collapsed on to the floor of the Minque nightclub in Manuka about 4am while leaving to go to another club. Ivica Aleksic had supplied Mr Dzundza -whom he had known for about six months through his brother Brojan Aleksic -with one ecstasy tablet.
One tablet can kill. One killed Cathy, whose story I tell in my film, and one killed James Andrew Dzundza.

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Heidi Perry said...

My daughter has grown up without her father, now 12 she still misses him every day. She was only 3 when I had to tell her the devastating information that she can no longer see her Daddy. Ecstasy devastates lives as well as families.