Friday, March 11, 2005

Who's Teaching Our Kids

Nearly all teachers accept their role in reaching kids with the dangerous truth about drugs, but my daughters have had some teachers who have made us wonder. It seems they would pass quickly and lightly over drug messages, as if they had spent the weekend partying and didn't feel like being hypocrites on Monday.

Maybe our feelings were well-founded. Check out this story from Associated Press:
SAN DIEGO (AP) - A middle school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs for sale and being under the influence of methamphetamine, according to San Diego police.

Agents arrested Alfred Lopez at his home Thursday and seized one ounce of methamphetamine, five small bottles of gamma hydroxy butyrate, or GHB, a so-called "date rape" drug, and $2,200 in cash.

Lopez, 38, is a sixth-grade teacher at Standley Middle School.

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