Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mom Tells Story of Son's Death

Ashley Brixey died in a car crash, when the driver of the car he was riding in, who was high on Ecstasy and alcohol, lost control of his car, left the road, and crashed into a swimming pool, where Brixey died.

Brixey's mom wrote about the tragedy's impact on the Brixey family in touching detail in the publication This is Wiltshire. Please read the article and share it with those you love and want to protect. Here's an excerpt:

Ashley was our son. We love him so very much and miss him dreadfully. The pain is so great, it feels like my insides have been ripped out. Ashley had such a beautiful laugh and a great sense of humour. He grabbed life with both hands and he laughed every day of his short life. The void he has left will never be filled. We have lost our precious son. Melissa, Ashley's sister, has lost her only brother. Charlene, Ashley's girlfriend, has lost the father of her unborn child. The child, a daughter, will never know her father. Ashley has lost his life.

Ecstasy is a mild hallucogen; in my film True Stories of Ecstasy and Ketamine, designer drug expert Trinka Perata explains that many traffic accidents are caused by perception impairment brought about by ecstasy.

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