Sunday, March 13, 2005

School Drug Tests -- Not a Good Thing?

This letter-writer to the Greensboro, NC News Gazette gets it right:
Despite the short-lived high it creates, marijuana is the only illegal drug that stays in the human body long enough to make urinalysis a deterrent. A student who takes methamphetamine, ecstasy or OxyContin on Friday night likely will test clean on Monday.

If you think students don't know this, think again.
Many well-intented actions have ill-intended results, and mandatory random high school drug testing is one of them. Students who do drugs will migrate to drugs like ecstasy and ketamine that are not likely to show up on the test, meaning they will expose themselves to the kind of risk that had such tragic results Sara, Cathy, Steven and Erin, who are profiled in my film.

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