Sunday, March 20, 2005

Drug Assisted Rape in South Carolina

Reports out of Columbia, South Carolina, say that in recent weeks, 12 women have been drugged in bars, and nine of them have been sexually assaulted. The common denominator in all of the cases: GHB.

These predators are worse than everyday rapers -- who are terrible people themselves -- because GHB can kill. In my next film, I hope to tell the story of Hillory, who never even had a date or a drink before she was murdered when someone put GHB in her soft drink, and Kyle, who was accidentally murdered by his roommate who wanted to knock Kyle out so he could have sex with a girl, and Cathy, who was deliberately murdered with GHB by her husband.

If you drink in bars, keep your drink covered at all times. Not all these occurences happen in bars -- be on your guard at parties, the homes of "friends," and everywhere. If you or your friend has trouble standing after just one or two drinks, it's likely a drug-rapist is at work. Get help, get out and get to a hospital.

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