Friday, April 14, 2006


Anonymous has left a new comment on my earlier post "Meth Poem sent to me:
I wanted to point out that unlike street drugs, OxyContin made by Purdue Pharma a company, purposely distributed oxy-contin to small rural areas at routine dr. visits purposely "to get the ball rolling”.

Now a multi million dollar industry, MASS amounts of these pain pills are available with easy access to the now addicted public. Like any addiction, the people are stopping at nothing to get more pills, stealing, lying, breaking into pharmacies at gunpoint, the usual addicted behavior of a addicted addict. More pills than people in NEED prescribed for pain by FAR.

Basically it's legal drug trade if you think about it...Purdue Pharma paid off employees who were against this horror story, and whatever the price it worked. The people who were against this now continue working for the company and MONEY keeps people quiet, changes morals, and obviously speaks louder than the millions addicted and dying from this pain pills mass distribution.. Purdue Pharma had good intentions??

We need pain pills, this I cannot deny. Suffering from pain is HELL and thank God for pain medications. This company targeted economy stricken little rural areas and handed these out like candy. Pushing I believe is the right term. Once a small company now a multi-million dollar company, and the users get addicted because the pills are easy to get in the street because there are so many distributed.

They are mass produced for the sole intent to make profit. More made than people in NEED by FAR.. Read the book about OxyContin.. It tells the true real story...

What is a parent supposed to do when drugs are legally sold and made in large amounts from a multi-million dollar company that is supposed to be helping cancer patients or severe injury cases for PAIN. And by abusing the drug, these addicts are looked down upon as low life addicts who "abuse the drug”, therefore, what would one expect?

If any drug is abused it’s the drug working against the victim. VICTIM is the key word. Addiction is not all people of low life scum, that the public is led to believe. Lawyers, business men and women, moms, dads, all once upstanding citizens, can fall into addiction and its too late once it takes hold of them.

Because the drug trade tends to be criminal thug run, in this case its a huge business legally operating with research phacilities, doctors, and every day people participating in mass amounts of pain pills distributed for MASS PROFIT as people are seriously addicted, become addicts with criminal behavior to get more pills, and are dying. NOT from the cancer, not from the pain, but from the product that is supposed to be helping these symptoms...

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Anonymous said...

I've heard numerous reports from people who said Oxycontin is not an effective painkiller. For a drug that I heard is the most powerful painkiller available in pill form, this is pretty odd. The reason the people took the Oxycontin is because it got them really high.

I am not talking about people dying from cancer either. People who had some kinda surgery (I dont know details) and were prescribed Oxycontin.

So what happens when line between pharmaceutical companies and drug cartels blurrs? Will people become wise consumers?