Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mexico's New Drug Law

My husband posted this on his blog and I thought it was something I should share with you. I've made a few changes to make it fit my blog a bit better, but he's right on with his concern about this new development!

Mexico's New Drug Law

As most of you know, MexPrez Vincente Fox is expected to sign into law a new bill that decriminalizes, as the New York Times reports, possession of up to "5 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of opium, 25 milligrams of heroin or 500 milligrams of cocaine."

That's not accurate. Other drugs, including Ecstasy, are also included in the decriminalization. ...

My wife has made a film that chronicles what happened to four families because of the casual -- not big time addictive, but "safe casual" -- use of the drugs Ecstasy and Ketamine. In it, she tells the story of Erin, who now struggles painfully to get through life because of a severe brain injury caused by "safe casual" use of Ketamine, an anaesthetic used primarily by vets. (You can meet Erin at the link above; there's a preview.)

The Ketamine Erin took was purchased in Mexico and brought back to California. It was easy for the boy who bought it to accomplish the trick, as you can see from this photo of a Mexican pharmacy. Now the trick will be done with heroin, opium, coke, various methamphetimine drugs and pot.

That's very bad news for our kids.

Some with real addictions will probably just move there to have a steady flow of cheap, legal drugs. By doing that, they'll be farther away from getting the treatment and help they need.

And for thousands of good kids who have come to believe that drugs can be taken safely and aren't that big a deal, trips to Mexico will now frequently include use of drugs that are rightfully illegal here. And with the drugs easy to purchase in Mexico, more of them will be coming home and shared with friends here.

And that, unfortunately, means more risks and more tragedies here at home.


Anonymous said...

i believe that mexico is doing the right thing, and eventually canada will follow, and last the united states, no matter how many death stories their are, and bad effects, there is probbly five times more stories for approval ratings.

Arm said...

And how exactly is throwing drug users in jail going to help them? So they can go to jail (where there are more drugs then outside the jails) and learn everyones bad habits?

Yeah, sending drug users to jail has done alot of good for keeping our youth off drugs and respecting of authority. Now it's impossible to score a sack of weed. Oh wait...

And if you delete this post, you only prove how much of a censor you are.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with the other posts. The so called war on drugs has been a disaster for us and the entire hemisphere. It's created millionares of thugs and corrupted the entire structure of local govt. It has literally destroyed the social fabric of nieghborhoods and nations. We have over 2 million people locked up in prisons. The prison industry is now the greatest growth model in the nation. We have more people under lock and key than any nation in the world and that includes communist China, which has 4 times more people. The vast majority of those people in lockup are there for non violent drug possession crimes. It's abusrd for a nation that claims its free to impose such venal punative law on its own citizens. Free adults that choose to use drugs for whatever reasons should be able to do so without being labled criminal. There are people who are brain dead from getting in automobile accidents. Does that mean we should outlaw cars? I'm sorry Erin is hurt. People have bad reactions from a variety of substances. Check out how many kids are litereally lobotomized by being forced to take required vacanations. Does that mean we don't give vaccines anymore? Sometimes people for whatever reason need to adjust thier outlook. Frankly, I think doing that through drugs is a lot safer and better for the rest of us than other reality altering activities such as religion. No Mexico is right on this one. I'm sure you're a nice person, a concerned citizen. But the truth is, you do far more damage than good when you generalize a bad experience to everyone and then try to compel the actions of others. You just make people feel guilty for being human. When you do that you do the work of the pushers, gang bangers and business types who have everything to lose through the legalization of drugs. Shame on you for being so niave. It harms all of us so much more than it helps.

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