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Gayle said...
Ectasy has destroyed my son's life. The use of this drug has been at epidemic proportion for several years now and is being swept under carpets all over this country. No one wants to admit it is a problem in their town.

My son was a very good athlete and was introduced to this drug at a neighborhood party. He began hallucinating and knew something was wrong. An ambulance was called and he was brought to the hospital where he was given Tylenol for his headache and released that same evening and told not to do drugs anymore!! He walked home at 3:00 AM 5 miles and could have been killed because he was so high. He continued to hallucinate for several weeks and finally committed to a psychiatric hospital where he spent the next two months heavily medicated.

It has been four years and he has never been the same. He is on 3 different meds, is 100% disabled, is unable to hold down a job, and is not the same person he once was. He used to be a happy fun-loving kid who made friends easily and was a likeable human being. Despite the medication, he is now unhappy, depressed, irritable, unreasonable, and unmotivated. Hospitals and professionals are ill equipped and not up to date on exactly what this drug does. Psychiatrists are treating their patients with medication that simply doesn't work after an ecstasy drug overdose. I don't know what is going to become of my son at this point. My entire family has been affected by this drug. Young adults need to be bombarded with real life information on this drug in an effort to prevent this from happening to anyone else!
6:30 PM
Dear Gayle,

You are SO RIGHT ON!! It just flips me out how little most people really care about these drugs, and yes, these are the drugs that the kids think are safe, fun, and what's the big deal here about it!! They are tricked into thinking these drugs are not as bad as.... heroin or whatever other drug ... they will name in that place!

And do you know what? As Glen, an undercover narcotics officer says in my film, "The Parents even say, 'Well at least it's not heroin or some other drug,' when in fact ecstasy can be more dangerous than those other drugs!"

I don't do what I do because I'm some anti-drug finatic! I do this because I KNOW our kids need to have a chance to know what can happen. This is not some super safe drug, that maybe used to be legal, so it's really O.K. to take! Ecstasy is not legal, therefore you do not know who is making it, what is in it, and so on!

I am really concerned about the future of our younger generation! How can anyone hold a job if they have no memory? How about the horrible depression?

I would love to hear from more of you out there that care about what is happening to our kids! Please do submit your comments!

Thank you again, Gayle, for sharing with us! You may never know who and how many you have helped, but I can bet you, it's more than you will ever think!

I would love to talk to your son and let him tell everyone what this has done to him. If you would be interested in anything like this, just send me a private e-mail to Beth@voiceofthevictims.com.

Take Care,



Steve said...
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Gwen said...

Reading your post eerily reminded me of another young man with whom I spent some time. He started “rolling” when he started college as a pre-med major. He’s now on psychiatric meds to combat his depression and anxiety related to bipolar disorder, and he had been in a psychiatric unit several times with episodes that were violent enough to require restraints. He always tries to talk to young adults about what happened to him – his dreams of becoming a doctor are still there after dropping out of school for a few years, but I wonder if it can be a reality. What disturbs me the most are his delayed reflexes. I watched him playing a video game and he all but threw the controller down in frustration that he just couldn’t get it to work. I didn’t know him before he started taking ecstasy so it would be unfair to say I can compare the before and after picture, but I think it’s safe to say that the person I see today would not have made it into a very competitive pre-med program. His general ability to set every day priorities seems in disarray to the point no one has been able to work with him. There’s no reasonable way to tell if his current problems are exacerbated by the psychiatric meds, but one thing is certain. He didn’t need those meds before his involvement with ecstasy. Yes, other drugs were in the mix over the years so it’s impossible to pinpoint ecstasy as the culprit. However, in my experience of talking with users, it seems to be a common factor.

Janet Zaranka, a nurse who is outspoken about drug treatment issues in New Jersey, will tell you first hand that doctors can not only be inept, but positively obnoxious towards loved ones when treating patients with non-standard drug use/addiction. I have a decent understanding of ER treatment of drug overdoses so I’ll say in fairness that sometimes the best treatment is just to “wait and watch” depending upon the drug and the amount taken (if known). However, when the family gains more knowledge from repeated episodes than a doctor who is not experienced with the particular drug, physicians often shrug off offers of guidance from more experienced doctors. And yet, I’ve found other doctors who have gone beyond anything imaginable to better understand the situation at hand. It seems to be an unfortunate matter of pot luck as to a physician's knowledge of these drugs, but the balance seems to lean on the poor end of the scale.

I also have a young man who has been forthcoming about his overdose experiences while a meth addict and using a variety of other "club" drugs. I asked him how many times he was tested for drugs when he was brought to the hospital to which he responded, “Never.” He was allowed to sober up and then sent on his way without any concern for rehab, etc! It wasn’t until he was arrested that he was “forced” into treatment and eventually able to get clean which tragically coincided with a close friend dying from an overdose in his arms. He got his life together and just graduated from college – he’ll be the first to tell you that he will never set foot in a dance club again out of fear of what the temptation might do.

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Anonymous said...

OK i for one do not agree that xtc was the only factor in your son seeing things for that long he was prolly doesed with acid or something along with the xtc ... I have dont it alot in the past i use to be a very violent person now i am more relaxed and caring for people cause of the drug

Josh said...

That doesn't sound like an MDMA problem at all. I literally know hundreds of people that take tested MDMA (AKA "Clean Pills") that have never experienced anything like what your son is experiencing. If you read up on ecstasy's history, it was used for all kinds of therapeutic uses before its emergency scheduling placed on May 31st, 1985. One study showed that only 2 deaths occured while over 110,000,00 doses were administered to people on just pure MDMA. Unfortunately since its placement as a Shedule I drug, criminals came into the picture and started producing it, sometimes cutting it with cheaper drugs such as meth and speed to increase profits. My bet is your son has definitely had contact with such pills. I highly recommend you watch a documentary called "Ecstasy Rising" which you can find in a google search on the internet. Hope this was helpful, with my regards to your son.

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Josh Windsor said...

Your son did ecstasy once and you call him 100% disabled. Get a grip, it's probably you who caused these problems not Mandy.

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