Monday, January 30, 2006

Family Watch Dog

Because my ministry is keeping kids safe, I want to share this wonderful site with all of you. (Beth)
Go to this link... click on it and enter your will show a house. That's yours... all the little colored boxes are sex on them and you get a name, address & picture of the person along with his crime. Pretty amazing and shows you where they live in proximity to your home and the local schools.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog :)

Arm said...

Since the vast majority of people on the sex offender registry are non-violent and non-"dangerous" offenders this doesnt really bother me.

Lets see the so-called crimes that can get you on the sex offenger registry, often for life.

Statuatory rape - Having CONSENSUAL sex with someone too young for the state to reconize as consensual. It would be called rape if it wasent consensual. Not to menction age of consent laws are quite high in some places. Texas it's 17, Arizona it's 18 etc. Very insulting towards young people I think.
Small children can also become sex offenders by doing normal childhood sexual things like playing doctor.
Plus homosexual sex often has higher age of consent laws. Although the courts are overturning these.
Soliciting a prostitute for sex - Consenting adults consenting to have sex for money. While I think pimping should remain illegal, prostitution should not be.

Indecent exposure - Being permanetly stigmatized over showing your genitals, accidently or on purpose. This is totally out of proportion over the severity of the crime. Which it shouldnt be anymore then a fine anyway. It's the human body people. If you want to arrest people for exposing you and your children to harmful things then go arrest polluters.

Sodomy - Ruled unconstitutional in 2003, partially.

Plus there are other, equally victomless crimes that can get you forced to register as a sex offender. I guess Megan's Law is ok for the truly dangerous offenders out there but why victomless crimes?

Anonymous said...

very interesting 'BLOG' as you said i will watch my kids a little more!!! thank you.

Anonymous said...

My Kids are victims of Pedophilia & it wasn't an outsider; I suppose if it had to happen I'd of prefered it to be a totally perfect stranger as demented as that sounds; I would have been able to handle it a whole lot better than having to deal with the fact that Both of my Oldest Son's & a 60 yr. old Man whom my Impaired Daughter was raised to call her Uncle & I had to Prosecute my Oldest Son; I don't know if anyone out there knows how Heart Wrenching that is to Prosecute your own Blood; but to not do it would be just as much a Crime as the original crime itself!! So Please keep doing a Job well done by having this site to help others. It's not ever easy to Prosecute your own Blood; cause the Boy doesn't understand why your doing it; in their head their thinking well my Mom won't do anything to me she Loves me; Well part of Loving a Son when he does wrong is to punish him; you may not be able to warm his behind anymore but to bring the heat of the law down on him to him is just as bad; & because I protected my Impaired Daughter now I'm hated!!! For doing what I felt was right; I've lost him forever I know that the only reason he did it was to Please his Father who is a Womanizer & A Drunk along with the rest of his family so for anyone out there that is struggling with a Decision know this I went thru it & Yes it was hard I'm not going to patronize you with a bunch of lies & say it wasn't about anything cause that couldn't be any further from the truth but I had to bring Justice to My little Girl who needed my Protection from her Predators!!!! So if you find yourself in such a dilemma then do what's right for your little girl or boy whichever it might be & don't hold nothing back your doing them & others a favor by punishing them!!! God Bless & We wish Everyone well!!!

Beth Pearce said...

Thank you for posting this! What a heartbreaking, tough situation! Not one any parent would want to face! I commend you on your courage and doing the right thing !!!

God Bless you!


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