Monday, May 02, 2005

Tainted Ecstasy?

Police in Canada are investigating the suspicious deaths of two Niagara teenagers, according to the St. Catharine's Standard newspaper.

Friends say the two girls may have taken tainted Ecstasy, which is certainly possible. That's what killed Steven, who's story is told in True Stories of Ecstasy and Ketamine.

But what troubles me about this story is what the deceased girls' friends said:
A friend of the Niagara Falls teen said she believes her friend's death was the result of taking tainted drugs, rather than an overdose.

"(She) was responsible. She knew her limit," the girl said.
The level of denial is unbelievable. Here a friend has died, yet this girl continues to think that Ecstasy is safe. It is not manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions, so you never know what you're getting. Cathy, who is also profiled in True Stories, took the same amount of the same batch of Ecstasy that more than 30 other kids took at their Senior Prom. She died, they didn't even get sick.

And people think they can trust this drug!

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