Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Love Bombs" Target Youngsters

Here's some very distressing news from an undercover probe of nightclubs that ran in England's News of the World:
... the most shocking aspect of our probe was the targeting of pre-teen kids.

Called "Love Bombs", the tablets look like heart-shaped sweets and cost just 30p [65 cents] each. They are lower strength and deliberately designed to appeal to youngsters at drink-free teen discos.

We found them being peddled in Glasgow by Gary Patterson, a dealer who has a string of convictions. Patterson, 33, told us: "They're cheap as chips [french fries] but not as strong so ideal for your less experienced clubber — kids. They're popular at kiddy discos. You pop one, space out for an hour. If it's getting close to mum and dad picking you up, you stop taking them." He handed over two sample bags.

Drug marketers are not satisfied with the havoc, addiction and death they are causing adults, so now they are deliberately targeting our youngsters. Now is the time to pass harsh new laws to target those who sell drugs to youngsters. Let's put these people away for a long, long time.

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