Sunday, May 08, 2005

Club Where Kids Died Closes

I shared with you in a post last week about two Canadian girls that died after taking Ecstasy. Now the club where they were partying before their death has closed.
The Nitrous Lounge, located in Thorold just past the Niagara Falls boundary, sits empty but Niagara Regional Police and Thorold municipal officials maintain it wasn't their doing.

Thorold Mayor Robin Brock said she received a call from a concerned person worried about the impaired condition of some of the young people leaving the club in the early-morning hours.

The mayor said police were notified and they visited the club on a regular basis, but because no alcohol was served, their hands were tied as to what laws they could enforce.
The owners of the club couldn't be reached for comment. I bet. What slime; making their living off of putting young people at risk. They're probably hiding under a rock somewhere.

Here's the solution, from The Straights Times in Malaysia:

TWO operators of a popular nightspot in Malacca have been charged with allowing drugs to be consumed in their disco. This makes them the first club owners to be brought to court since Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar directed the police early last month to enforce Section 13(C) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

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