Friday, October 22, 2004

Welcome to Voice of the Victims

Hi, it's Beth. Many of you may know me from my film, "Voice of the Victims: True Stories of Ecstasy & Ketamine." Tens of thousands of you have visited my web site,

I started this blog because I'm so frustrated that I'm not reaching more people who need to know about the risks and dangers of designer drugs.
I started this blog because the mainstream media would rather cover tragedies than solutions.
I started this blog because too many parents think, "Not my kid!"
I started this blog because too many kids think, "It won't happen to me."

And I started this blog because there's so much more to tell. I'm working on my second film, "Voice of the Victims: True Stories of GHB, DXM and Alcohol," but if the world doesn't care enough to get the first film into the hands of those who so desperately need it, why should I sacrifice my family life ... and me ... to make a second one?

In the days ahead, I'll be sharing thoughts, inspirations, tragedies and facts on this blog. Please bookmark it as a favorite and visit it often. Please email it to your friends. PLEASE WORK WITH ME TO HELP SAVE THESE PRECIOUS LIVES!


Anonymous said...

What good work you are doing, Beth. The so-called 'recreational' drugs are gradually becoming acceptable at 'fun' parties especially among teenagers, an age when they can do the most harm. The tendency is to believe, It can't happen to me. Your true stories from real life show that it CAN! You present factual information in a way that should be effective. It is concise, factual -- and chilling.

Beth said...

Thank you so very much for your very kind words!! I'm sorry I didn't see this comment earlier.