Saturday, October 23, 2004

Ecstasy Leads to Murder of Family

And so many teens continue to think there's little or no risk in taking Ecstasy!

Chicago Tribune
October 20, 2004 Wednesday Northwest Final Edition

Son's sanity at issue in deaths; Westchester teen accused in slayings
By Brett McNeil, Tribune staff reporter.

RICHLAND CENTER, Wis. : On the opening day of a trial that will determine whether Steven M. Tomporowski, 19, of Westchester was sane when he killed his parents and uncle here in February, the chief prosecutor portrayed him as a calculating if immature murderer who acted out of greed.

"Mr. Tomporowski is a cold and unfeeling person who killed his parents for their money and tried to get away," said Richland County District Atty. Andrew Sharp. "He wanted to be free of his parents and he wanted their assets, so he killed them and took their assets."

Tomporowski, known by his childhood nickname, "Stevie," has admitted shooting his father, Stephen, 52; mother, Deborah, 48; and uncle, Roger, 56, inside a family farmhouse 10 miles north of the rural southwest Wisconsin county seat. He fled the scene in his mother's car and hours later ransacked his family's Westchester home, taking $1,657 in cash, cell phones, five loaded handguns and the family dog.

When he was arrested in Kentucky two days later, police found that Tomporowski also had taken his uncle's and mother's credit cards.

... In a statement to police after his arrest, Tomporowski attributed the murders to his longtime heavy use of drugs, including LSD and ecstasy.

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