Monday, October 25, 2004

Australia Ravaged by Ecstasy

When I do a Nexis search (that's a search of thousands of newspapers worldwide) on the words "ecstasy and death," I'm always shocked at how many incidents are occuring in Australia. If you know anyone in Australia, please forward this to them and ask them to help me spread the word about the dangers of desginer drugs. Tell them to click here for more information.

Here's the latest Australian designer drug death, from the AAP, an Australian newswire:

Red Mitsubishi tablet linked to second death
By Lauren Ahwan

ADELAIDE, Oct 25: A second person has died after taking a tablet containing ecstasy and caffeine, known as a Red Mitsubishi.

Police today said the 28-year-old Adelaide man died in a motel yesterday. His death followed that of a Sydney teenager who took the drug earlier this month. At least 12 overdoses around Australia have been linked to the drug in recent weeks.

Contrary to previous reports, police no longer believe the tablets contained paramethoxy-amphetamine, or PMA -- only ecstasy and caffeine.

Notice how the deaths earlier were attributed to PMA? This happens all the time because of the misconception that ecstasy (MDMA) is safe. It's not. Ecstasy, just ecstasy, can kill you, just as it killed Cathy, who is profiled in my film.

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