Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Comments from Readers

Here is a comment from a Professional in the field:

Subject: Drug Facilitated Rape

The take-home point should be for victims to be aware of the fact that they MAY have been drugged and that it MAY have been pre-meditated.

The faster they report the alleged sexual assault, the better the chance of identifying drugs that may have been involved and succeeding in an investigation and prosecution. Most drug facilitated sexual assault DO involve alcohol, but statistics indicate that sexual assaults related to ANY substance have increased drastically.

Furthermore, the involvement of women in orchestrating these assaults seems to be increasing. One might argue that the victims are reporting them more these days, but I can tell you that based on the audiences I speak to more and more YOUNG people are saying they are seeing it first hand – including men, even if more for the purpose of robbery.

I have been responding to sexual assaults for over a decade in a variety of roles – things are definitely worse. It doesn’t matter WHAT the substance – the level of pre-medication and no-harm-done mentality is what is truly horrifying.

Gwen 09.12.05 - 11:03 pm


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