Sunday, February 13, 2005

Nolte GHB Story on Court TV

If you want to see GHB in action, click here.

Nick Nolte's arrest for being under the influence of GHB was the subject of a Court TV Hollywood Justice segment last night. His fall into GHB use isn't at all surprising. Consider this:
  1. He has an addictive personality, as evidenced by a number of bouts with alcohol problems.
  2. He cleans up, going to the other extreme (another characteristic of addictive personality) by becoming hugely concerned about his health.
  3. I'm speculating now, but possibly as a result of his health fixation, someone recommended GHB as a sleep aid or workout aid. He might have even checked out a couple Web sites, finding reassuring information about the drug.
  4. In no time, he was hooked by the highly addictive drug.
The same story has played out again and again.

I really want to warn people about the dangers of GHB, and have two heart-breaking stories already on tape. But for me to complete my next film, I need your support by purchasing True Stories of Ecstasy and Ketamine. Proceeds will go towards True Stories of GHB, DXM and Alcohol.


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