Monday, February 21, 2005

MADD Take Note

Driving on drugs can be just as dangerous as driving on alcohol. Note this from the Belfast Telegraph:

[Calls for tougher driving-on-drugs laws] came after a motorist who had taken ecstasy was imprisoned yesterday after he crashed, killing his passenger.

Christopher Greer (27), from Ahoghill, was sentenced to four and a half years for causing death and grievous bodily injury and driving while unfit.

His 24-year-old passenger, Ray Agnew, from Ballymena, died after Greer's car rocketed across the Ballykeel roundabout outside Ballymena on November 1, 2003, sending the car flying through the air.

A woman passenger was seriously injured.

Recent PSNI figures show 12 drivers died in the province last year while on drugs.

The number of drug drivers is soaring; a total of 136 offenders were detected in 2004, up 82 from 2003.

If any MADD chapters want to work with Voice of the Victims to build awareness of the need for tougher laws, please email me at

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