Monday, June 20, 2005

In Loving Memory of Kyle Hagmann

I never met Kyle Hagmann, but I've met his family, and I love them all. Now I feel really close to Kathy Profitt too, who was his girlfriend. This is Kathy's story about Kyle.

Note: When Kathy wrote this, Kathy and Kyle's family thought Kyle may have taken GHB himself. It took a year and a half for them to find out that the drug was given to Kyle without his knowledge. His college wanted his murder to be swept under the rug.

In Loving Memory of
Kyle Hagmann

No, this e-mail will not give you bad luck, good luck, or erase your hard drive, but it might just save your life.

My name is Kathy Proffitt and Kyle Hagmann was my boyfriend who passed away on April 24, 1999 due to a GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate) overdose. Other names for this drug are Jib, Blue Nitro, Liquid Ecstasy, and Firewater. There are so many different names I can not even keep up with them. Kyle was a 4.0 junior at California Lutheran University who had a bright future ahead of him in Sports Medicine. Because of GHB, his future, our future, no longer exists.

Some of you know Kyle well and others have not even heard of his name, but for me, his family, and close friends, we deal with the loss of Kyle everyday. I want to try to spare other people from going through this type of tragedy and pain. That is why I am starting this chain letter. Before Kyle's death I really had no idea what GHB really was, now I do. Kyle did not really know what GHB was either. He looked it up on the Internet and all he got was lies. On the Internet this drug is promoted to seem like the perfect drug. Supposedly, there are no side effects. What the Internet claims is that you can get a really good night sleep, use it to party with and not have a hangover, and it also is supposed to be a muscle builder. Well, I do not know about you, but being in a coma, having seizures, and death seem like pretty important side effects to me. I guess the promoters just forgot to mention these things. You might get a good night sleep using GHB but it may end up being for eternity. You also cannot feel a hangover when you are in a coma and GHB has never really been proven to actually build muscles. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Now here is the truth about GHB. GHB is made from floor stripper and drain cleaner which becomes a central nervous system depressant. Death, coma, seizures and vomiting are all just a few side effects. The sleep that GHB puts you in is so deep that you might wet your bed because you can not wake up to use the bathroom. You can not hear the phone ring, a fire alarm, or even your own baby crying. You become completely incoherent. GHB has recently been classified as a class 1 drug. That compares it to cocaine and heroin. With GHB in the same category as these two drugs shows how serious GHB really is.

Please do not think that any of this can not happen to you because if it can happen to a wonderful person like Kyle, then it can happen to you. If you have already used GHB or are currently using it and have had good experiences, just remember, next time you take a cap full or two could be your last.

I am now asking you to please pass this letter on to everyone you know so that if they are ever faced with the choice of using GHB, they now have a few of the facts about how dangerous and deadly GHB really is. If you know of anybody using GHB, just imagine that person having a seizure, or lying in a coma, or even finding them dead the next morning. Please help me spread the word about GHB!


For more information on GHB, visit

R.I.P. Kyle, I am taking care of it. I will love you forever. Kathy
Thanks, Kathy! Remember, Kyle didn't willingly take GHB -- it was slipped to him by his roommate, who wanted their dorm room to himself so he could be with a girl.

Please forward this post to lots and lots of people you care about! And please, if you haven't bought my Voice of the Victims films, please consider buying them now. Sales will help finance my next film, which will tell Kyle's story. I've already interviewed his mom and sister, and all I need now is your support!

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