Friday, May 23, 2008

Strong Energy Drinks Claim A Fatality

Almost every day, people come to my blog to read an old post on Red Line, which I posted after a friend got very sick after drinking the very strong chemical stew posing as an "energy drink."

Many visitors leave comments claiming that the drink poses no danger at all. Perhaps they should consider this news story, which was left in a comment posted on my earlier Red Line post:

Wellington teen dies after consuming alcohol, energy drinks

By Leon Fooksman, Luis F. Perez and Lia Lehrer
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
8:44 AM EDT, May 21, 2008

A 16-year-old Wellington student died over the weekend after attending a party where alcohol was consumed, Palm Beach County sheriff's investigators said.

Paramedics who tried to resuscitate Ashley Ramnauth on Sunday found alcohol in her system, sheriff's spokeswoman Teri Barbera said.

Ramnauth was a Lake Worth High School honor roll student and the daughter of Hollywood Police Officer Hansman Ramnauth.

She "apparently made a bad decision to consume energy drinks and alcohol in combination," according to a statement from her family released Tuesday through the Palm Beach County School District. She "did not have a lot of experience with alcohol and did not have a known problem with alcohol," the family added

...In March, paramedics took four Weston schoolboys to a hospital after they became ill from drinking an "energy-boosting" liquid not meant for children, authorities said. The boys were sweating and suffering from increased heart rates and lightheadedness. They drank Redline, a combination fat-burning and energy enhancement drink marketed as a "freaky scientific" breakthrough on the Web site of the company that makes it.

There's a news clip about Ashley's death with the news article; it's worth watching.

I'll conclude with how I concluded my earlier post:

There's something definitely wrong here. [Red Line manufacturer] VPX is not taking responsibility for its product and is getting away with it. Seven-11 is not taking responsibility for the products it sells and is also getting away with it.

Please pass this along with a warning. Energy drink drinkers, think about going back to good old coffee or black tea and stay away from this junk.


Anonymous said...

You obviously only read what you want to read. I am very sorry that the girl died, its tragic when anyone dies so young, but she mixed Redline with ALCHOHOL. And she was underage. How can you blame Redline for that? Or especially 7-11, just for selling it? People die every day from lung cancer, do you blame 7-11 for selling cigarettes? VPX (the maker of Redline) put warnings all over the product. I challenge you to pick up a bottle of Redline without seeing a warning label. I know that people mix alchohol with energy drinks quite often, but they probably shouldn't unless they are (a)of age, (b)have a strong tolerance for alchohol and for energy drinks as well, and (c)a decent body weight. Its very sad that the girl didn't have better friends who could have talked her out of it, but its ignorant of you to blame the energy drink, or the stores that sell them. Or am I the only one who believes alchohol is a bigger problem than energy drinks?

Chris said...

While I agree with Cody on who's to blame, I disagree with the fact that the mixture alone is what caused health problems significant enough to warrant death. I've been drinking Redline for about a year, typically buying 4-packs from Walmart. With that said, I have a very high tolerance for caffeine and specifically Redline, so drinking a whole bottle is not a problem for me. However, last week I bought one individual bottle from a liquor store, and about an hour after drinking it at a rather slow pace (slower than usual), I began to feel dizzy and faint. I broke out in a cold sweat and my chest and arms were so flushed that my girlfriend asked what was going on. I told her I thought I was going to faint and stepped outside to get a breeze. After experiencing some nausea, dizzyness and sweating I recovered, but with higher than normal blood pressure and a faster pulse.
As you can see, not all Redlines are created equal. With the FDA discovering numerous contaminated weight loss products on the market, this doesn't come as a surprise. Drugs like furosemide and even fluoxetine have been found in some of these products. God knows what the hell was in my bottle of Redline, but I know for a fact it was not labeled on the bottle. If I had been drinking alcohol with this product, I would have most likely ended up hospitalized. I am thankful that my tolerance was already established enough to where I didn't experience severe symptoms as someone else might have. There needs to be more attention payed to the dietary supplements we choose by not only the FDA, but consumers alike.

Chris said...

Redline, you have been red flagged!

aaron said...

I like how both of these incidents mentioned where of people under the age of 18 which the label states "Not for use by individuals under the age of 18." I also love the statment that her family makes about the bad desicion to mix alcohol and energy drinks. Now unless one of her parents is a well respected doctor who has done research on red line there oppion on red line is just that, an oppinion. Honestly theres nothing wrong with mixing the two, infact a couple fridays back after not getting much sleep i had 3 bottles (6 servings) of Red Line that day and then drank heavily that night. I was perfectly fine the next day and able to drink another bottle before going on a hike. Mind you i also have a better tolerance to both then a 16 year old. either way i agree with cody, you cant blame Red Line since they put a warning label on there stuff, and one death that was pry more alcohol related then anything is not enough to warrant concern by the mass public, and what is this web sites problem with Red Line. Stop acting out against them and turn toward your average dumb american consumer who cant read the warning labels and makes poor desicions.

brandon said...

I disagree with Aaron. There is definitely a problem with drinking alcohol and any energy drink together. Drinking the energy drink with alcohol (the energy drink is usually used as a chaser) puts the liquor into your blood system much faster than if chased with beer for example. Aaron you obviously have a high tolerance. I won't say I haven't drank jager with red bull but it's not the best idea. With all that being said there are always going to be freak accidents with just about anything. Redline CANNOT be blammed here for all we know she could have died from the level of alcohol in her blood! It didn't even tell us her blood alcohol level. You can go into a chemical induced coma and die at 0.3 on a breathalizer. From her parents second comment it also seems clear to me they didn't have a problem with her drinking. There's no way to know for sure if redline even had anything at all to do with her tragic death. I also agree with codym the person who wrote this article is extremely ignorant. He didn't blame the person that gave her alcohol underage?

calvin said...

Every day, people come to my blog to read an old post on Red Line, which I posted after a friend got very sick after drinking the very strong chemical stew posing as an "energy drink."

Many visitors leave comments to the effect that I'm a moron for thinking the drink poses any danger at all. Perhaps they should consider this news story,Generic Cialis is the answer to all ur ED problems.

J-Rod said...

I think you are an idiot. For one, the underage kids shouldn't have been drinking alcohol. For two, they shouldn't have been drinking a drink that says its intended for people 18 and over. This boils down to some kids making some bad decisions.

Karen said...

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Bob White said...

It is said that someone lost a her life at a young age but blaming a drink for the mis happening is not justified as there must have been several other factors that were responsible for her condition.
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Melany Flemmings said...

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CassieBrownings said...

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The Oyeoys said...

Can I just say one thing. Ashley was mine and my sisters best friend. I cry every time I read one of these articles. None of them ever tell the truth. The whole energy drink and alcohol mixing never happened... Ashley suffered a terrible seizure and died from it. I miss her every day, and every time I write this, no one ever believes me, but it's true. My sister was a classmate of hers and she still has nightmares of when she was cleaning out Ashley's locker. Everybody felt sorry for Ashley's family, but never considered the toll all of these false stories took on her closest friends.

 Big Red Boots said...

The problem here is simple. Caffeine is a normal drug used by millions and million of people. If you are sensitive to it, maybe you should not be drinking anything with it. Saying a caffeinated product is bad because it contains caffeine is ridiculous. It is like yelling at a beer company for making an alcoholic drink. It is very sad when a person who is very sensitive to anything does not know about it and then dies because of it (bruce lee died of his latex allergy, Douglas Adams died of a weak heart and strenuous exercise, etc..) but that does not mean it is the product's doing. And Warning people that an energy drink contains caffeine just does not make sense.

Your blog deals with real issues involving meth and real dangers to kids - so why on earth would you want to cheat yourself and come up with lying headlines like this? How many normal healthy people in the world have died from drinking energy drinks - the answer is ZERO. NOT A SINGLE HEALTY PERSON HAS EVER DIED FROM TOO MANY ENERGY DRINKS. You would drown well before you would reach caffeine overdose - it is a physical impossibility.

That being said, I have reviewed a couple products from Redline, and the Original Redline messes with me - I hate the stuff. It is the yohimbines in there which make me feel like I have taken Cocaine. I love their Princess line but their main shot is too much for me.

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