Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trying To Save Angels

No matter how many stories I hear about how drug tragedies tear families apart, I get torn up, as I did with this story out of Pennsylvania:

Tom Hamilton has lots of photographs and memories. His oldest daughter, Melissa, had an infectious smile and was a cheerleader for Central Dauphin and the Big 33. His oldest son, Phillip, was the funny one who kept an eye on younger sister Nina.

"Phillip was always very fun and caring and always protective," Nina said. "I always felt safe. He'd never let anything happen to me."

But Phillip wasn't so protective of himself. In 2004, while partying with friends, Phillip overdosed on Xanax and heroin. He was 25.
Less than 2 years later, Melissa suffered the same fate at 28.

"She said I need this to wake up in the morning - to get through my day," Nina said. "She needed it and that's what heroin does to you."

Tom Hamilton has responded to this tragedy in a way I understand, even though, thank God, I haven't had to live through a tragedy like his: He started a drug education group.

Through his tears and grief, Tom started Saving Angels, a non-profit dedicated to educating kids and parents about the dangers of drugs. "Kids gotta understand that they're harming more than themselves," he said. "It involves parents, other friends, involves all their relatives."

He is so right! Too many parents just don't understand the dangers drugs pose today, and to protect their kids they have to start by educating themselves.

Saving Angels is a local group with an outreach program to schools and groups around Harrisburg PA. If you're in that area, please contact them.

Others can find educational resources at the Voice of the Victims Web site, and much, much more on the Voice of the Victims films.

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