Saturday, December 15, 2007

Annette's Story

It's been four and a half years since Annette Orango was drugged with GHB and raped. Annette was crushed by the crime against her and has worked valiantly to build up her strength and self-esteem.

Virtually ever since that day, she's battling the Vancouver police for justice and the Canadian health care system to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which she explains as:
Vomiting, hypervigilance, fear, anxiety, anger, rage, hatred, panic attacks, depression including suicidal thoughts, headaches, hyper acute senses(wear sunglasses often, easily startled by noises or unexpected touching), no sex, no physical contact, avoid men, can not have my back exposed, must sleep either on couch or a bed with one side against a wall, looking over shoulder dozens of times daily, can not carry items in both hands, can not wear high heeled footwear, have to see the door in public places, have to sit in booth or high back chair or against a wall, avoid many public places including movie theatres, concerts, drinking establishments, have to sit on side bench seats or very back of public transit, avoid going anywhere after dark, avoid drinking beverages in public places, achy bones, excessive tiredness, short term memory loss, emotional swings, triggers(black men, New Westminster,alcohol, degrading and disrespectful comments regarding women, violence) flashbacks, dissociation, isolation, difficulty trusting, difficulty reading, difficulty focusing and concentrating, diminished interest in everyday activities, avoid going most places alone, loss of sense of order or fairness in the world, difficulty sleeping, compromised immune system, avoid people, increased need to control, always armed, over protective, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder.

There are more. Some of these I have overcome,but I still experience many.
All this because one man decided it would be a good idea to drug Annette's drink with GHB and rape her. After corresponding with Annette for some time, she has just sent me tons of information and documentation on her case.

I wish I had known Annette before this happened to her, because I can tell from our emails she was a lovely person. You can see from these excerpts from her lengthy document , Canadian Corruption, which details the case and the pain it's caused her, it is hard for Annette to be that lovely person today. She is angry, hurt and struggling.

Here are some excerpts from Canadian Corruption:
My name is Annette Orango. On April 29, 2003 my life changed forever and no one could prepare me for the nightmare I was about to endure. I am Canadian and as a Canadian I am going to exercise my right to Freedom of Speech. I will prove to you the Canadian Government is corrupt by supplying government documentation and I will warn you some of this information is graphic and disturbing. This includes medical records, information from the police file and much more.

What you will read on this website is based on my feelings, my thoughts, my beliefs, my experiences, my wants, and my opinion. I am entitled to these and no one can take these away from me. I am born and raised Canadian and my Human Rights have been violated so many times I've lost count. I might possibly be the most pissed off woman in this country and there are many responsible for my pain and trauma. I am filled with anger, hatred and rage and unfortunately that hasn't gotten better with time. And if you think it's acceptable for victims to go through this type of turmoil, then so be it. But,try to put yourself in my shoes. Try to empathize. And if you're a man, put yourself in my fathers' boots. Don't think about this too much. FEEL IT! And this is not a joke and a game, this has been my life since April 29,2003.

Long story short.April 29,2003 I was drugged and raped. I am sharing this information with the world because these are extremely heinous crimes that are happening everyday and everywhere. They are unreported because of the nature of the crime which is severe memory loss. It's very difficult to tell someone what happened to you if you don't know. Also the drugs leave your system very fast and are rarely detected.

Rape is the worst trauma a woman can go through. It is the gravest of all violations. Drugging a woman's drink magnifies that trauma by a thousand fold. And as soon as you put a date rape drug such as GHB, ketamine, rohypnol, etc. in a woman's drink; you have eliminated all aspects of consent to the act of sex and you are know a rapist. You also do not care whether that woman lives or dies at the moment of ingestion or in her future. These drugs are extremely potent and do kill when they are administered. They affect the heart, the central nervous system, the respiratory system, etc. You could also be a murderer and drugging drinks is very premeditated. There is no doubt in my mind this is what happened to Natalie Halloway.

I have done lots of work on this. Date rape drugs are everywhere and I have known for quite some time that bar staff are being paid so men can drug drinks and men are being drugged by other men. Why? If a man comes into a drinking establishment with a woman or is trying to pick up a woman that some other guy is interested in, his drink may be drugged to remove him from the scenario.

And of course bar staff themselves are drugging women’s' drinks as is the case of 44 year old Fernando Manuel Aves. This bartender at the Metrotown Station Square Pub (Burnaby, BC) has been charged with 4 counts of sexual assault and 1 count of administration of a noxious substance. And he is still allowed to serve drinks to women while out on bail!! ... He is a serial rapist for Christ sakes and the morons responsible for him allowing to serve alcohol deserve a bullet between their eyes. This is where Canadians need to get their heads out of their asses. You can hardly protect your drink when bar staff are involved. And the cops need to stop telling women to be cautious, but to tell these scumbags this is not acceptable behavior and you need to control your dicks.

I was drugged in a clean, decent pub called the Thirsty Duck Pub in New Westminster, BC. I was raped in my home. We were stopped by the police on the way to my home because of the shape I was in. When I woke up I knew something bad had happened. I had a rape kit done and called the police. I told them what I knew, which wasn't much. And honestly, I thought well if I don't remember what's it going to hurt? Which is what these scumbags are counting on. It came back to bite me in the ass as hard as it gets.

I was barred from the pub for life for having the police investigate. Then, in December of 2003, I started vomiting chronically. This continued until the day I moved from my apartment which was June 28,2004. I had numerous tests done and I couldn't work. I was on disability through my workplace, but as promptly cut off from these benefits when they learned I had been drugged and raped. I was finally diagnosed with PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder] which I get to live with for the rest of my life and have to take medication for on a daily basis. It affects the central nervous system and another severe trauma could put me in a coma, a vegetative state or even kill me. I applied to the Criminal Victims' Assistance Program (CVAP) and have had to deal with these inept morons ever since. This is where the serious corruption starts.

The drugging and the rape were committed by a black individual originally from Cameroon, Africa. His name is Ted. He was never charged. Since then there have been other crimes committed against me by government officials and other individuals. EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. Ultimately Ted is responsible for all of this, and I want him dead for what he has put me through. ...

I'm not too sure how many times one woman has to ask for help, but I can only be kicked in the head so many times and thanks to all of these selfish cops and lazy government officials, I am armed 24/7 with knives and firearms. I have done 2 radio interviews, participated in 2 newspaper stories [the Province and Calgary Herald], participated in having the legislature changed regarding drug facilitated rape,have done peer counselling for the few women who actually knew this happened to them and have seen 5 counsellors/phsychologists. People have been extremely condescending of my trauma and pain and I have been blamed time and time again for being a victim; even though everyone knows men think with their dicks.

I'm 38 years old and I am a smart woman who has had everything taken away from her. Myself and my family are the only ones who have suffered any consequences. I have busted my ass to reclaim my self worth and to make a difference for myself and others. I deserve closure,the truth, accountability, compensation and restitution.
I couldn't agree more, but all Annette gets are roadblock, and much worse. It's as if she, not Ted, were the criminal.

Annette has sent me much more information, which I'm still going through. Look for future posts.

Photo credit: T. Paz


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Rahul said...

Annete, I am very sorry about what has happened to you. I can understand what you must be going through and Govt being too corrupt.

But I would strongly suggest not to get angry and irritate and let go of the past. Forgive yourself and rapist himself, and you will see that in few weeks your all worry and PTSD will start getting better until you finally will be able to give up medications completely. And One more thing: Please don't discriminate all men being same quality as Ted, and don't worry. I would say Meditation is the best way to get rid of all this sufferings that you have going through, Give it a try and you will be happy to see results. If you want more consolation, please email me Believe in Almighty Lord that he will always be there for you. And most importantly Don't worry and start living in Present Moment.

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raskolnikov said...

What happened to you is terrible and disgusting; for you to trash all men, based on the actions of one, is disgusting also. To blame all of your worldly problems on this event is pathetic.

Be an adult. You are not the first person who has suffered at the hands of another.