Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vancouver Police Seek Help On Alleged GHB Rapist

A friend of mine forwarded the news article below to me. I've highlighted two key paragraphs: The first one says the Vancouver police department is seeking help on this case, and the second gives some good advice.

VANCOUVER (CBC) - A prominent member of British Columbia's ball hockey community has been released on bail after appearing in court Thursday, charged with spiking women's drinks and sexual assault.

Fernando Manuel Alves of Burnaby was arrested on Sept. 8 and charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of administering a noxious substance.

The 44-year-old pub owner and vice-president of the Western Ball Hockey Association appeared in B.C. provincial court on Thursday, where he was released under strict bail conditions ....

Vancouver police have appealed for more information about Alves, who is accused of alleged offences against four women, aged between 20 and 30 years old, in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Const. Tim Fanning reminded the public to be aware of the risks involved with knowingly going somewhere alone with a new acquaintance.

"Stay with your friends to the end of the night,'' he said. "If you meet somebody that you want to see again, meet them the next day. Don't get in the position of going back with them alone, especially when you've been drinking."

News of Alves's arrest has shocked a former employee at his Burnaby pub.

Scott Klassen, who was a doorman at the Station Square pub until two months ago, described his old boss as "just a regular guy."

"Every night I worked, he worked," Klassen told CBC News. "He never drank on shift. He always seemed to be a clean-cut guy."

Klassen says Alves was very generous with staff.

"He always took people out to football games, hockey games, concerts, provided a limo - you know, free drinks, free night type thing, as a ... hey, thanks for working here type thing."


Anonymous said...

It sickens me that, while out on bail, this man is allowed to continue working at his pub (Station Square Pub, Burnaby near Metrotown), giving him endless access to more vulnerable women!!!

Anonymous said...

Please note: the police statement about knowingly going with someone you just met is useless in this situation - when you are drugged, you can be taken by the stranger with NO knowledge on your part. The reason this guy drugs women is because they WOULDN'T "knowingly" go with him - the drug removes all free will, and can completely destroy all memory of events leading UP TO the drugging and AFTER the drugging. Until you wake up the next morning with no memory of how you got where you are, and who this person is. SO the police suggesting that this monster's victims "knowingly" went with him is completely misleading, and just another example of the ingrained sexism in the police force that makes them try to find SOME WAY to BLAME the victims.

Beth said...

Very Well said and So True!

Anonymous said...

It sickens me that just because the police press charges they along with the general public think it is OK to destroy a man's reputation. In Canada people are innocent until proven guilty. If this man is guilty in a court of law then he will face the music and I hope he gets the help he needs. If found innocent what will be done to repair his life? Nothing.

Jane Doe said...

The advice given by Tim Fanning only perpetuates the stereotype that it is the woman's responsibility to avoid rape. How about shifting the focus from "Don't get raped" to "DON'T RAPE!!!"

The Skupe said...

Fernando Manuel Alves will be sentenced Monday, August 17 at 9:30 am at the courthouse at 222 Main Street in Vancouver, after pleading guilty to sexual assault. Prosecutor is asking for 12-18 months in prison.